A Hindu Brother Became Sa`ad

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Islam is characterized by the feature of self-spread as it spreads by itself because it has the property of attraction and matchless beauty.

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This video is about a spiritual and divine experience by a Hindu brother. This is an attractive dialogue between a Muslim teacher and his Hindu student on some hot Islamic issues such as women’s personal freedom and Hijab in Islam.

Our new Muslim brother began his speech, with the praise of God, sent bouquet of peace and blessings to the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) and then he greeted the honorable audience in a traditional way in Arabic.

His name is Muhammad Sa`ad, and he accepted Islam 7 years ago. His spiritual journey began when he met some Muslim brothers in college. He used to study math with one of his Muslim teachers who used to come to his home to teach him tuition. The student continued his study with his Muslim teacher for several months.

Idol-worship in the Major Religions of World

According to brother Sa`ad, the talk on comparative religion began between them. The topics were like: What is Islam about? What is Hinduism? What are the teachings of Sikhism? What is Christianity?

The Muslim teacher tried to explain to him the teachings of Islam. During the debate, the teacher asked his Hindu student, if Hinduism has the concept of idol-worship. The student argued saying: What is wrong with it? Hinduism has idol-worship and idol-worship is famous amongst Hindus.

The Muslim teacher: Who is superior; the potter or the idol? Rather, who is higher: the idol-maker or the idol? Undoubtedly, who makes the idol is mightier and higher than the idol.

The Hindu student: Yes, you are right and logical.

Hijab for Woman in Islam

The Hindu student and the Muslim teacher exchanged talks on different issues such as: Purdah or Hijab for woman in Islam.

The Muslim teacher: Hinduism does not have any way of life. Does Hinduism say something about how a woman has to lead her life?

The Hindu student: What are the teachings of Islam about woman’s way of life?

The Muslim teacher: Islam recommends Purdah or Hijab for woman and adult girls. (Purdah or Hijab in Islamic jurisprudence refers to any dress or garment that covers woman’s whole body except her hands and face in front of strange people according to Hanafi School of jurisprudence.)

The Hindu student: Why Hijab or Purdah for woman in Islam? Is this not a sort of restriction for women’s personal freedom, specially, if a woman does not want to do so? Isn’t it an injustice to women? If a woman wants to live her life according to her own wish and thought, she has full right to do so. Isn’t it?

The Muslim teacher: The question is: who is more exposed to bad comments and silly talks by the youngsters or youths sitting on the streets and roads? The woman who is modest covering her head and wearing a black and loose dress is safer than the woman whose head, hair and legs are uncovered and who is wearing transparent and tight clothes?

The answer is that a respectful, veiled woman is always far from bad comments; abuse and harassment while a common woman in an indecent and describing dress is always vulnerable to harassments when they are out of their homes.

Killing an Animal for the Food

Killing the animal rather, the cow for the food is one of the major issues in modern India. The issue of cow slaughter in India has now become a thorny issue and a major problem. Human life now became cheaper than the life of a cow. Sometimes, innocent people are being killed for the sake of cows. Human beings are beaten and trampled mercilessly on the ground by some Hindus who have been brainwashed with extremist ideas away from disciplined education. Humans in India are now killed more harshly and ruthlessly than the slaughter of cow.

In addition, the cows are thrown in dirty and filthy places in the name of Gao-mata protection or Gao-Rakhsha and are left hungry and thirsty dying slowly with thirst and hunger. If the cows are slaughtered and eaten it is more respectful merciful for them than these miserable conditions. But who has free and logical thinking?

Do Bacteria Have Life?

Some Hindu brothers object to Muslims that they kill the animal for their food which is a sort of selfishness and injustice. In this video, brother Muhammad Sa`ad responds to those Hindu brothers arguing that Hindu brothers also do wrong and injustice to the trees, vegetables and plants when they cut it for their food and this is more offending and merciless act because the animal can escape and run while the plant cannot do anything in defense. Moreover, they cause death of many animals when they eat yogurt because it includes many of the bacteria that are a sort of tiny animals.

Sa`ad’s Conversion and the Fasts of Ramadan

Further, brother Muhammad Sa`ad talked about the subject of Paradise and Hell in Islam and Hinduism. However, when he became fully aware of Islamic Creed he became eager to pronounce the testimony of faith “Ash hadu alla ilaha illallah, wa ash hadu anna Muhammadan rasul ullah”.

“I bear witness that there is no God except Allah, and I bear witness that Muhammad is a Messenger of Allah.”

Then he prayed the first prayer in his life and it was the Zhuhr prayer (noon prayer) then he began fasting; one of the pillars of Islam. He observed the fasting of Ramadan for the first time. The next year, again he fasted the whole month of Ramadan. His mother objected to his conversion to Islam until he was expelled from his house but he preferred Islam over his house and parents.

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