A Hindu Expat accepted Islam

A Hindu Expat accepted Islam

According to Okaz Arabic News paper, two Saudi teachers at a secondary school; Muhammad Ibrahim Ar-Rahili and Muhammad Dibyan Al-Harbi successfully introduced Islam to a Hindu expat through several conversations. Finally, the Hindu brother embraced Islam in the province of Al-Ha’it, in Ha’il, Saudi Arabia.
Both Saudi teachers were eager to explain to him the true nature of Islam, the concept of monotheism in Islam and its ethical principles in a simple manner. After several meetings, the Hindu brother expressed his desire to accept Islam. He took bath and pronounced Shahadah and joined the congregational prayer in a mosque next to their residence.
The new Muslim brother got a new name `Abdullah instead of Oni. On this occasion, he was honored with a gift represented in a new dress, a copy of the Glorious Qur’an and some Islamic booklets. In addition, the Call and Guidance Office of Al-Ha’it province awarded him an `Umrah and Hajj trip on its costs. May Allah reward him and his guides.

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