Jain Husband and Wife Accepted Islam

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Introduction by Editorial Staff

Jainism is one of the oldest religions of India

She is Raheelah Saleem, wife of Dr. Saleem who left Jainism and accepted. They belong to the Indian famous city of Bhopal. Her Husband embraced Islam then she followed her husband’s footstep. They are from Jain family and her name was Mansi Agarwal before her conversion to Islam.

According to her, when her husband accepted Islam, it was a shocking incident for her. Her husband performed the prayer five times daily and she saw for the first time in her life how Namaz was performed. Dr. Saleem Jain, her husband used to leave for Namaz in specific time.

In addition, her husband always debated with his father about religious issues. Once, her husband was performing Fajr prayer before sunrise, and when she woke up she found her husband was performing the prayer, she asked: are you performing Namaz? Are you establishing the prayer of Muslims? She realized that because, she watched the actions of Muslim prayer on TV. And she immediately ran to her father in-law to inform him that her husband was performing the prayer.

She was surprised and asked herself: What is behind? What has changed him so much? Why his behavior became so nice and beautiful? Such questions came into her mind awakening an interest to study Islam. Thus, she followed the conversations between her husband and her father in-law eagerly.

God in Jain Religion

Jainism does not have the idea of God like Islam Islamic.

According to her: the Jain Gurus turn into gods and people take them as gods and worship them after the Jain ascetic gets the divine knowledge and become perfect men.

After she followed the theological debates between her husband and her father in-law, the Jain doctrine weakened and collapsed in her mind and lost the confidence.

Eventually, the day came when she converted to Islam and uttered the Shahadah, and became a staunch Muslim like her husband Dr. Saleem. Though, she continued her study about Islamic faith system more and more.

Sweetness of Faith in Her Heart

She says that once she woke up in the middle of a night while her heart was full of love for Allah the Almighty and she felt a real eagerness to prostrate to Allah the Almighty with deep feelings of thanks and appreciation.  She never knew the cause of that emotion, but she prostrated for Allah the Almighty a long prostration with true faith and devotion.

In her prostration during that night, she felt that she was talking to Allah the Almighty directly and that Allah talked to her directly, she asked and her Lord answered, she spoke and He heard. This was her spiritual feeling!

After that she became satisfied and content and felt strongly that Islam is the right and the clear truth.

However, there have been difficulties and problems in her life because of the conversion to Islam, but Allah the Almighty has facilitated all those hardships, rather, the difficulties have become a divine blessing and a source of strength and spiritual advancement.

Advice for New Muslims

In this video, she shared her spiritual experience and said: The difficulties and problems are always in the way of the new Muslims. But if you embraced this religion purely and sincerely for the sake of Allah the Almighty, not for any other purpose, then be prepared to face those difficulties and problems for the sake of Allah the Almighty.

She recalls that when she was expelled from the family house by her in-laws because of her conversion, her baby was an infant and she had only a bottle of milk for her baby, nothing else.

She went to her mother’s house who was sympathetic with her, but her mother grieved and said: why all this? And how your lives will be? She said, O my beloved Mother! You are a mother, that is true and your worry is natural but do not be sad, for Allah is more merciful than a hundred mothers, and He never lets us down or helpless.

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