A Jain Professor Accepted Islam

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Introduction by Editorial Staff

Jainism is one of the oldest religions in the world.

This video presents a Jain man of higher education with high academic qualifications and an academic man who was on the religion of Jainism, one of the oldest religions in the Indian Subcontinent. He belongs to the Digambara sect, a religious group whose religious leaders are seen naked and barefoot who are called Digambara (or Sky-Clad) because its monks go naked to show their complete disconnection from worldly affiliation whose dress are mere sky nothing else.

He converted to Islam with strong insight, deep knowledge and real understanding. He argued with his father in religious issues continuously for a long time lasted about three years. After his father failed to convince him, he informed the police about his son’s conversion to Islam.

The Brother in Police Station

The brother was summoned in the police station to take his statements, his supporters were afraid that the brother will be harmed by the police. However, Allah helped him until the police became his helper. The brother points out that obtaining the certificate for conversion to Islam by the relevant governmental administration is very difficult for which he has suffered many problems and difficulties for many years.

The brother states that the teachings of Islam left a good impact in his personality and changed him to the better in every aspect of life as he totally abandoned lying, backbiting and gossip and gave the rights to the owners until his father described him saying: “my son now has become like pure gold, but foolish.”

He studied the various religions, such as Jainism, Hinduism and Islam, and argued with their religious leaders until he was convinced that Islam truth.

Some Advises and Recommendations:

First: The love of Allah must surpass the love of all. Love of must be higher always over the love for father, mother, wife, son, daughter and others.

Second: Satan always try to cast in the hearts of new reverts the ugly image of some Muslims who never represent Islam to keep them away from the pure and bright message Islam, so we must not pay attention to the tricks of devil.

Third: The new Muslims must show determination, courage and bravery to confront hatred, criticism, insults and problems to distance from Islam and its divine message.

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