A Blatant Insult to Hindus by a Hindu Pundit

An Accurate English translation of his words


The people of India are such lazy, the people of India are such careless, and the people of India are washed away by any current affair. The people of India did not accept the truth. It also would be incorrect to say that the people of India who resided in this country are of such nature only, but even those who migrated and resided in any place or country in the world are of the same nature. Those who are called Hindus are such lazy. Hindus are careless. Hindus never accepted the truth. They are in such a big mistake, for example, the Hindu nation is such a nation that cannot distinguish even between friend and enemy. They offer milk to the snake in nagpanchami. These Hindus are the enemy of logic and mind in a way that if the snake will find a chance to bite them, surely it will, and when it will bite, the poison that it has will transfer into their body. Hindus cannot realize even this simple reality. Therefore, I announced that this was the reason behind the success of the business of the religious leaders in India. The condition of Hindus is the same in every country or place they migrated to, they are far away from the truth.

A Hindu yogi

A Hindu yogi

Question: Pandit Ji! What is the meaning of Hindu?

Pundit Ji: I will tell you about it right now. Our brother Hinmant Ji is asking; what is the meaning of Hindu?

I was telling that Bharat (India) was destroyed by its own unfaithful people.

The truth is that our name was not Hindu, and is not Hindu and it is impossible to be Hindu, rather, if you will read the pages of history, you will find that the name of Bharat has been ‘Arya Varat’ (Aryan nation) and still it is its name, the true name is Arya Varat. People who ruled India changed its name accordingly, for example; when Bharat ruled it, it was named Bharat, and when Moghals ruled it, it was named Hindustan, and when English people ruled it, it was named India, and so on, but I want to ask; what was the name of this country before Bharat? If you ask the pages of the history, it will tell you the reality, but Hindus are repeating the same however, they cannot swallow this reality, whatever may be their claim, whether they are bitter and pure Hindu, or bitter and pure Puranic. When they perform any religious ritual, they recite, when they observe sankalp (vow) they repeat, Aryavarta parkgate, and not Hindu varta parkgate.

This country was Arya vart and is Arya Varat, this cause led the national poet, Maithili Sharan Gupt to compose the following:

“What were we, and what we became now, and what will be the next!

Come together, to think about these problems collectively.”

But who has the time to think, no one has the time to think. If people do not have time, then who is to think about.

So, brother Hanmant asked a good question, and I am going to give the answer. Who is Hindu? Why our name became Hindu? When had it happened? If you search the meaning of Hindu in Persian dictionary, in Arabic dictionary or in Urdu dictionary you will find the following meaning under the word of Hindu: Wicked, immoral, thief, corruptive, drunkard, foxy, fraud, black and non-believer. These are the meaning of Hindu. I can give you the name of some dictionaries, see for example: Ghiyathul-lughat, a Persian dictionary, and you can refer to it, also Karimul-lughat, an Arabic dictionary; you can see there, Lughat Feruzi, or Feruzul-Lughat, an Urdu dictionary. If you leave these dictionaries of Arabic, Persian and Urdu, then it is enough to refer the Encyclopedia of Britannica, if you search in this encyclopedia you will find the same meanings there;  Wicked, immoral, thief, corruptive, drunkard, foxy, fraud, black, non-believer, you will find the ugliest meaning you can imagine.

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