Hindu Scriptures and the Last Messenger

Originally posted 2017-10-24 09:23:45.

In this video, a little boy and a young girl talked in the Hindi language about the Last and Final Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) in Hindu scriptures as well as Sanskrit scriptures emphasizing that the religion of Islam is the only way acceptable by Allah the Almighty. And it is the system of life that was approved by Allah (Glory be to Him) as the final divine message. That is why all previous messages and revelations foretold clearly the advent of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), including Hinduism. However, those scriptures are not on their pure nature, rather, they were subtracted, added and altered, still many prophesies about the Prophet Muhammad are present in those distorted scriptures.

We can ask those Hindu brothers who believe in the scriptures; why do you not believe in the Antim Ishdut (the Last Messenger) who was predicted by your own scriptures?

Juwairia Shams begins her speech with the praise of Allah and the salutation on the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

She points out that the truth always is plain and intuitive that does not need evidence or proof, though sometimes we could not understand or some people try to deviate from the truth.

It is also evident that Vedas, Upanishads and Puranas have predicted of the Last and Final Messenger, the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) by his qualities and descriptions that coincided with the characteristics of the Prophet. The scholars have presented on this subject such manifest proofs that illuminated the whole truth. Allah the Almighty has appointed him as the guide for the entire humanity. The Glorious Qur’an says:

And We have not sent you except comprehensively to mankind as a bringer of good tidings and a warner. But most of the people do not know. (Saba’ 34:28)

In Hinduism, the Vedas are the final authority for Hindus, the study of Vedas shows a word used frequently that is narāśasa that means an individual who is to be praised or who is praiseworthy. It is noteworthy that the Arabic word Muhammad means a man who is praiseworthy. The history is a witness that no one in the entire Hindu history was praised by the people and Lord as the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) was praised. Furthermore, the Veda refers to a camel-riding Rishi, whose chariot touches the heaven. Perhaps, this description refers to the riding animal of the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) when he ascended to the seven heavens in Mi`araj, which called Buraq.

Juwairia Shams mentioned many quotes from the Purans referring to the famous Hindu scholar Dr. Vedprkash Upadhay who regarded the Prophet Muhammad as the Kalki Avtar.

I hope you will enjoy this video enlightening your heart and mind by this beautiful speech. We pray for those who produced this attractive talk.

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