An Introduction to Hinduism

A Hindu Goddess with multiple hands.

A Hindu Goddess with multiple hands.

In this video Sheikh Ahmad Deedat (1918-2005) presents the historical background of Hinduism in a brief manner. He has highlighted some differences between Hinduism and Islam regarding the concept of God and the relation of universe to God.

God in Islam and Hinduism

According to Deedat’s opinion, the difference between Hinduism and Islam in the faith of divine world is simple to understand as Hindus believe that everything and anything in this world is God. The sun is God, the moon is God, the sea is God, the fire is God, the human being is God, the tree is God and the stone is God. In short, all worldly things whether living or non-living are God.

While a Muslim believes that everything is the creation of God. Everything is from God and by God; everything has been created by Him. The difference is the apostrophe (s) as Hindus say that everything is God but Muslims believe that everything is God’s, the sun is not God rather it is God’s, everything is His not Him.

Incarnation in Hinduism

In this context, Sheikh Ahmad Deedat sheds light on the concept of incarnation in Hinduism, i.e. God comes down to earth with a physical form. While Islam asserts that God is too great to be comprehended by human mind. He is too high to take His creation’s shape. Even the reflected Glory of Allah is too great for gross substance of matter.

He elucidates many important subjects of Hinduism including: Karma, Nirvana, and the theory of cause and effect. In addition, he explains if Hindu is a nation or a religious identity. He has presented a lot of examples to simplify those complicated religious and philosophic terminologies with his known spontaneity and attractive style.

Also he compares the above-mentioned Hindu terminologies with Islamic principles in the light of the Glorious Qur’an.

I hope you will enjoy this interesting video. May Allah have mercy on Sheikh Deedat and reward him for his exemplary missionary efforts.

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