Rama and Ramayana: Fact or Fiction?

The Hindu God, Rama.

The Hindu God, Rama.

There was a notice in Lucknow issued for the members of Vishva Hindu Parishad that asked: “You are claiming that He (Ram) was born here and here only, then present the proof.”

After the issuance of the notice, a meeting was held in Hariduar by the central administration of Vishva Hindu Parishad that continued for two days. After the discussion of two days, its spokesperson came to the media and said; see what has he said? “Ram was born there only, it is our faith and the faith has no proof.” It is not my statement; it is the statement of the members of Vishva Hindu Parishad. Again what was his statement? “Ram was born there only, it is our faith and the faith has no proof.” This means that the members of Vishva Hindu Parishad also believe that there is no proof available for this. Still they say that the area of ten by ten that is quite under the main tomb of Babri Masjid is the exact birth place of Rama. The members of Vishva Hindu Parishad say that He was born just there. But I ask; if Ram was born there, then the question is when Ram was being delivered: were you there standing to serve as midwife? This is my question, you are sure and confident such a way that you were the witness and you were watching when Ram was being delivered.

The Reality of Ramayana

Ramayana is an imagination, Ramayana is not a historical document, and no one in the world accepts Ramayana as a history. All the Brahmans who go abroad to deliver their lectures in the universities acknowledge that Ramayana is an imaginary creation. In fact, Pushyamitra Shunga killed Brihadratha and Walmiki was a poet in his court and Walmiki wrote his Ramayana putting before his eyes Pushyamitra Shunga. There is no person with the name Rama at all, thus Walmiki gave Pushyamitra Shunga the name of Rama and wrote the Ramayana. The issue is the same in the story of Kalidas who was a poet in the court of Vikramajit and wrote his poems in Sanskrit, likewise, when Pushyamitra Shunga killed Brihadratha, he killed him in Patliputr. After that he traveled from Patna to Varansi and from Varansi he moved to Sultanpur and then from Sultanpur to Faizabad where he transferred his capital from Patna to Faizabad and declared that area as Ayodhya. He did not make his capital in Ayodhya, rather, he declared the place as Ayodhya, a capital that was made without any war, that is Ayodhya.  He assassinated Brihadratha and did not kill him in a war, thus, the capital was not declared after a victory in war; he killed him by a deception in a peaceful state and not in war. That is why no one knows the exact date of Rama’s birthday. Rama was never born and therefore there is no true information about his death. That is why it was said that there is a river called “Jiryo River” and Rama was drowned in it and died. He committed suicide and killed himself. It was said that he drowned himself in the river and died. Such a great person and committed suicide! Drowned himself and killed himself! Died in such a way! drowned himself! Could not swim, such a great man! I am not telling that, I am just quoting what they have stated. If you do not know the birth you cannot say anything about his death. There is no information about his birth eventually; there is no information about his death. His death was recorded in this way.

Furthermore, do you know about his wife? What was mentioned about her in the history? What is the story of his wife? Her father was plowing a land and when he was plowing the land at once she appeared from the earth. I am just trying to explain for you the fantasy and imagination; I am not going to make you laugh. I am trying to tell the truth; these are not factual things; they are merely imaginary statements. Therefore, it is said that the earth split and swallowed her as was said about Rama that he committed the suicide. Therefore, there is a place in Sitamadhi called “Sita Samahit Sthal” or the place where Sita was swallowed by the earth. She was swallowed and disappeared underneath the earth. All those stories are imaginary I want to explain for you, it is not just for fun. You can examine the reality by using your logic and you can realize the truth. The conclusion is that there never was any person with the name Rama and he was never born on the earth anywhere.

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