The Perfection of Islam in Poetry

Originally posted 2018-09-10 10:24:36.

English Translation by Editorial Staff

The Architectural monuments in the Islamic era in India attests to the fact that Muslims are builders are not saboteurs.

“The light emerging from the sun of Islam is unique.  Through its illuminations, the entire universe has become shiny.”

Today, some claims that Islam teaches tyranny or terrorism. Let us see: what the goal of Islam is and what the message of Islam is?

In this context, the poem says:

“Its message is Ahimsa (non-violence), and its goal is Manavata (Humanity).”

Therefore, our Islam has spread. (Islam did not spread through oppression or tyranny; instead, it has spread through the love and the humanistic teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Please, listen to the poem:

“The meaning of Islam itself is to love the peace.”

(The word Iman comes from amn and amn means peace in Arabic, and the word Muslim has been derived from Islam or Salam which means peace.)

Please, listen to the poem:

“The meaning of Islam itself is to love the peace. The meaning of Islam itself is to love the peace. This religion of love is like the current of a flowing river.”

(Islam is the only religion in the world that teaches equality between all people. (There is no difference between white and black, rich and poor. Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has equated all people. “(The king) Mahmud and (his servant) Ayaz stood in the same row (in prayer), hence no difference remained between the king and his servant.), yes, Islam is based on the principle of equality between all.)

Please, listen to the next poem:

“It always respects all equally, Islam is the only help for the lowers or untouchables on the globe.”

(In addition, the poet has concluded in his last verse the opinions of some great scholars of the world regarding Islam, like, Bernard Shaw and Tagore who admired Islam when they realized the beauties of Islamic teachings.)

Please, listen to the poem, followed by the last verse of the poem:

“Tagore and others have predicted that tomorrow everyone will claim saying: Islam is mine, Islam is mine.”

“O Na`eemi! Every scholar concludes about Islam that the teachings of Islam have really reformed the world.”

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