The Reality of Muslim’s Conversion to Hinduism in Agra

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Muslim clerics visited the slum and encouraged them to remain Muslims

Muslim clerics visited the slum and encouraged them to remain Muslims

Agra/ New Delhi:10th  Dec. 2014

A Muslim woman Mumtaz Begum and 350 Bengali Muslims in Ved Nagar, Agra, were allegedly converted to Hinduism on Monday by some activists of Hindutva organizations.

Mumtaz Begum has stated that she took part in a Hindu ritual organized by several Hindus, after she was promised of a ‘Below Poverty Line’ ration card and the government’s identification number. Her family does not have any identity card after migrating from Kolkata around three years ago. 

Material Temptations behind the Conversion of Some Poor Muslims to Hinduism

The Hindu activists filled out several forms for them before making them sit near the fire while the Hindus chanted some Hindu prayers. They promised them of all types of benefits from the Indian government and that they will get proper houses. The poor Muslims were deceived as they do not have houses to live in.

Those who participated in the Agra conversion ceremony were poor rag-pickers

Those who participated in the Agra conversion ceremony were poor rag-pickers

When the Hindu activists started photographing the Muslims performing the Hindu ritual, Mumtaz Begum got scared and ran away. She told The Hindu.

After that, Muslim clerics visited the slum, and encouraged them to remain Muslims and to learn Islam and to teach their children and women reading the Glorious Qur’an.

Local elder R.C. Bhaskar, Founder of the Panchsheel Degree College here, explained that conversion is a new phenomenon in the Cantonment Area. There is still no communal tension here, but incidents like this have created mistrust among people in Agra.

Is Hinduism a Missionary Religion?

This is the reality of turning some Muslims to Hinduism in recent days. In fact, Hinduism does not have any idea about D`awah or call. However, some Hindu activists in recent years imitated Islam and began inviting people to Hinduism.

But we should bear in our mind that Islam has clear and comprehensive idea about inviting others to Islam. Islam has unique and humanistic principles and rules for the D`awah activities. Also Islamic D`awah relies on the explanation and presentation without any material temptation or coercion.

It is noteworthy that a photo taken at the moment of performing Hindu rituals shows some men with white caps on their heads, which are in general Muslim’s identity in India when they go to the mosques for the five prayers or Jumu`ah while Hindus do not wear such caps during their rituals. This also unveils the intentions of the Hindu activists who try to collect money through such event showing Hindu people that they have converted Muslims to Hinduism.

This news unmasks the reality of frequent news about the conversion of some Muslims to Hinduism that is published by some Hindu activists here and there. Also such forcible conversion spoils the social integrity and strong national unity of India. You can read an informative article on the issue of conversion to Hinduism (Shuddhi) on this link.


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