How a Hindu Sister Found Her Way to God

Belief in One God is monotheism.

By Editorial Staff

In this video, a Hindu sister shares her spiritual and religious journey  that began in her early age. She remained a practicing Hindu until 23 years of her age. After that, she studied Islam at the university. However, the practice of idol-worship made her confused and perplexed since her childhood.

The Natural Inclination to One God

She says that even before her conversion to Hinduism, she believed in One God in herself. This personal faith did not stem from a certain religious creed, but it was something natural and instinctive for her. When she was a Hindu, she participated in Hindu festivals like Holi and Diwali. She regarded them a fun and enjoyed them a lot. Her father was a practicing Hindu but he never interfered in her personal opinions or faith. She is one of two sisters who were very close to their mother who was not a practicing Hindu like their father.

Her Education

The sister studied in the college that was a good time for exchanging different books with her some Muslim friends until she got her bachelor degree in commerce. After she finished the university, she started her career. Despite difference in faith and religion, she always respected her Hindu parents.

Her Conversion to Islam

The sister took very little time to realize that Islam is for her and she is for Islam. She took her Shahadah in the beginning of 1996 after that she got married. When she converted to Islam, she did not inform her parents lest she hurts their feelings.

Her Marriage

She got married in the end of 1996 and moved to her husband’s house. Her mother in law was a spiritual and stanch Muslim lady who became her mother in the love and care and taught her the teachings of Islam and the Islamic way of life.

In the beginning, she did not know how to perform the prayer but slowly she learnt it from her husband and mother in law until she became perfect within six or seven months.


The Video was prepared by Voice of Islam Television.


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