Does Islam Give Women Freedom?

Women in Islam are honored, as a wife, daughter and aunt, and she is free to seek knowledge, worship, trade and ownership.

By Editorial Staff

O people of media, please, do not write my whole speech; rather, write down in your newspapers the following point only.

Today, people allege that Islam has done so and so with women. Islam has done such and such with women. Islam has placed restrictions on women.

Do you know what Islam has granted women? How lofty position was bestowed upon women by Islam? Think wherever Lady Hajar, (wife of Ibrahim) ran between Safaa and Marwah and wherever she passed by and wherever she walked slowly, her walk became obligatory to be imitated in the Hajj as it became a part of worship in Islam to walk fast wherever she walked fast.

Haji’s Commemoration in Hajj

Allah the Almighty has commanded that the worship of Hajj would not be accepted unless her style of walk and her way of running is imitated. And this is a followed tradition in Hajj until the Day of Judgment. Her footsteps became a part of worship in Islam. The footstep of a woman became an important part of worship to Allah the Almighty.

Is there for a woman any position higher than this? Which religion can give a woman such a sublime position?

My brothers! The footstep of a woman became the part of worship to Allah the Almighty in Islam. A man has been commanded to imitate a woman when she ran fast.

In fact, Islam cannot not be compared with any religion in the world. No religion in the world has given a woman as high and honorable position as was granted by Islam. Can you give her that position? Freedom! Freedom! What freedom? Oh, that freedom! Let me explain. 

Advice of Wolves to the Goats

Once, a wolf went to the herd of the goats and advised them saying: Your owner always oppresses you and keeps you tied, so cry and protest against him and try to get your freedom. Go to the forest, where you will find greenery everywhere; the atmosphere would be nice and fine. You can walk and jump freely. Whilst, here you are in prison, you have to eat every day the same kind of fodder; even sometimes, you could not find anything to eat. Quite the opposite, if you go to the forest, you can run, jump and walk. The goats believed the wolf, and began protesting against the owner and began crying: Bein, Bein, Bein, and then the owner asked: O goats! What is wrong with you? And the goats began coming out of their logs. Let us walk freely, give our freedom; we do not like a life of slavery. The goats were already brainwashed by the wolf. There was an old and weak goat which tried to advise them and told them: “In fact, the wolves are your enemies. Do not believe them. Be happy with your little fodder here. You are safe and secure here. But if you walk freely in the forest, you will not be safe and secure.”

The goats started opposing: O mother! You became an old and you are old-fashioned! You have already lived your life. But we are still youthful, and we have a long life ahead to live and enjoy. We want only our freedom, and we do not like your advice at all.

The goats protested against their owner until the owner became angry, and made them free from their logs and said: if you want your freedom then, go and be free, no one will stop you, moreover, you did not like the sincere advice of the goat. As soon as the owner set the goats free, they became extremely happy and celebrated their freedom and entered the forest running and jumping.  One day passed, and two days passed easily, but on the third day, they entered even more dangerous forest were the ferocious wolves were sitting and waiting for them eagerly.  Suddenly, the wolves came out of the bushes and caught the goats and tore them and ate them. However, the old goat remained safe with its owner, but all other goats were tore and eaten.

Human-Wolf and the Freedom of Woman

My mothers and my sisters! Those who are shouting for the freedom of woman, and who are calling out for the freedom of woman here and there are in fact, wolves. Those are wolves who are not thinking about your freedom, instead, their intention is only to get a hold on your body. And they cannot achieve it but through the dream of your freedom.

Otherwise, show me any place in the world where you are safe and protected. If you enter the field of cinema, the director plays with your body. If you work as someone’s personal secretary, he exploits you and your body. Show me any place in the world where you are not exploited and you are not molested.

Those who are shouting for the freedom of woman are the wolves who hide within them a fraudulent devil, who intend to exploit your body under the name of freedom and they are successful in their goals.

My sisters! Try to realize that those people who are shouting for your freedom never intend your freedom in reality. Therefore, seek the freedom that has been granted on you by Islam. And that is enough for you. Thus, you are secured and you are tranquil.

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