Adam and Eve in Hinduism

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Famous foot mark of the Prophet Adam in Sri Lanka.

In this video, the speaker has tried to explain an important subject in Hinduism and Islam; the subject of first human being in both religions: Hinduism and Islam.

The name Adam has been mentioned twenty five times in the Glorious Qur’an in different chapters.

Did Adam Land First in India?

Arabic and Islamic literature has mentioned that the first human being who is called Adam, the first Prophet of Allah the Almighty, was brought down from paradise in India of that time which is now in Serendip in Sri Lanka.(1)

First Man and Woman in Hinduism

According to some traditions in Hinduism, the first human being or the first male and female were created out of clay or wet dust, by Vishnu. The Glorious Qur’an has mentioned clearly that Adam and (Eve) Hawwa the first male and female were created specially by Allah the Almighty from clay.(2)

Adam: A Sanskrit Word

In this video, the speaker has explained that Adam is not originally an Arabic word. However, the word can be analyzed in the light of the Sanskrit language. In Sanskrit Adi means old and ancient and m is added in Sanaskrit words, like; Pustak, in Hindi and Pustakamu in Sanskrit for book.


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