Significance of Belief


Your faith is the shaper of your personality; actually, your are what you believe; your faith is the origin of your actions and doings.

The faith has very significant impact on human actions; every action of any human being has a strong link to the belief that he believes in. Human actions are always driven by one’s faith. All human feelings and actions are associated with the beliefs, principles, ideas that one has. No work is done without previous thought, ideology or conviction. The person who gives charity to the poor and needy, he gives because he believes that Allah (Glory be to Him) loves this kind of action.

A person who fears the fire and runs away from it, because he has previous thought that the fire burns whoever touches it. When a Muslim, Christian or Jewish eats the meat, he is driven by his faith and conviction that eating the meat of a permissible animal is non-objectionable in his religion, as Allah has allowed slaughtering animals and eating their meat.

When a Hindu avoids eating any kind of meat, he is also driven by his belief and religious principle that slaughtering an animal is prohibited because it hurts their feelings and slaughtering an animal is against the characteristic of mercy.

Thus it became clear that even eating the meat or avoiding it is decided by the ideology that a person believes in. Furthermore, when a Hindu widow burns herself with her deceased husband’s funeral, she is also driven to this dangerous act by her belief that the act of killing herself with her husband’s funeral pleases her God. She also believes that her second marriage is forbidden in her religion by her God.

Many other religious issues could be understood in the light of the above-mentioned examples. This reveals the role of faith in the actions of an individual and its effects on individual and social levels. If we succeeded in instilling the correct concepts and true faith in our minds, all problems and issues will be solved and they will come to their end.

Anyhow, belief has a significant impact on the actions of human beings, whether the belief is true or false. If the belief is based on a false doctrine, it may lead to some very dangerous acts that may cost hislher life itself, as it is clear in the example of Hindu widow. That’s why a person must choose the true faith, which was revealed by Allah Almighty and has been transmitted to us without any change and distortion, which is the guarantor of happiness in this world and the Hereafter, and which is available undoubtedly in the doctrine of Islam.

When a person says if Allah Almighty wanted to guide me to the right path and lead me to believe in the true faith then I would have been a Muslim, I would like to tell him sincerely that this is a very mistaken thought. Allah Almighty has guided you, and He (Glory be to Him) has created for you means and sources to recognize the message of Allah Almighty, and He has given you the mind to know the correct doctrine, so you have no excuse on the Day of Judgment.

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Belief plays an important, rather pivotal role in a person’s life. Its role is similar to that of the foundation of any construction.

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