How Hindu Gods Are Created in India?

By Editorial Staff

In this video, you will see a Hindu priest who gives his wet red shawl to his attendee to spread it to dry. The attendee takes it and goes to spread after he walked few steps and finds a speed limit pillar made of cement on the roadside. The servant puts the shawl on the pillar and raps it around and places on it a small rock.

After that, the Hindu priest saw a lamb trapped in the bushes so he goes to the bush to set the goat free from the bushes. As soon as the Hindu attendee went away from the pillar after spreading the shawl, a Hindu cycle rider was passing by the pillar wrapped (is it wrapped) with the red shawl and thought that it was a Hindu god and stopped there for devotion and worship. The cycle rider began asking his wishes from the pillar wrapped with the red shawl. Within few minutes, a bus stopped there and some Hindu passengers came down from the bus to offer their devotion thinking that the pillar was a Hindu deity.

It was only few minutes and there was a big crowd of the people sitting around the pillar absorbed in their devotion and worship to the shawl wrapped pillar. After few minutes, the Hindu priest and his attendee came back and when they saw the mass of the Hindu devotees around the pillar they became surprised to see how the people gathered to worship the pillar thinking it was a Hindu deity or god.
The Hindu priest and the servant asked each other about this unexpected incident, why are the people so emotional around the pillar?

Some devotees sitting around the pillar told acknowledging that he got a lottery of ten millions (one crore) due to the blessing of this deity.

After that a group of Hindu devotees arrived with a goat to slaughter it and offer to the idol.

At the end of the video, we find the priest and his attendee took off the shawl from the pillar, showing the Hindu devotees that it was not a deity; it was just a speed limit pillar.


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