Shankar Acharya speaks about Islam

Originally posted 2019-06-11 20:10:27.

A Hindu Priest

This Hindu priest acknowledges that Islam is the greatest religion in the world, calling upon the whole world to adopt Islam, adding that those against Islam are devils.

Translation of a speech by Devanand Sarswti

“Ooom nomoh:shivae ….. Ooom nomoh:shivae ….. Ooom nomoh:shivae …..

My regards to the organizers and present guests and religion loving friends of this great event.

A person gets the chance to understand the true religion only when he is blessed by God Almighty.

For last several years continuously I am coming into Muslim’s gatherings … In India I have started a new tradition, Jagad Guru Shankar Achary too began to go to Muslims and understanding their love and to know the truth of Islam and take part in making people of the world understand and accept that Islam teaches the greatest lesson of humanity.

Perhaps among all people, it makes me the saddest person in the world when I hear people accusing Islam and Muslims as ruthless and that Islam was established and spread by sword. This accusation can never be the truth and it has never been the truth.

Islam is the religion that declares in its first statement of the Qur’an that (There is none worthy of worship accept Parmatma Almighty (Allah) “La ilaha illallah Muhammdur Rasulullah”.

By worshiping God Almighty, Muhammad (peace be upon him) got the nectar of “The Vedas” and the message of God Almighty in one single statement of “Kalimah”, then tell me what scripture in the world can be greater than the Glorious Qur’an?

By understanding this ‘one’ statement of the Qur’an, if a Hindu wants to follow his religion then perhaps he will be the most pious person.

Though I haven’t experienced the Qur’an in it’s depth but I had seen the depth of the hearts of the followers of the Qur’an (Muslims). And if the whole world accepts Islam then there is no problem in it.

Islam is the principle revealed by God Almighty, Islam is not the Law or Decree by any person or human being.

Some people want to create divisions on the earth and blame Muslims as ruthless and tell bad words against Islam, I say they themselves are the worst ones; they are the children of Satan not the children (servants) of God Almighty.

Because, according to my approach, I have read the Vedas, Purans and the scriptures of Hinduism and after that I started to come to Muslims.

People opposed me when I shook hands with Muslims and they said in surprise: “He shook hands with egg eaters (Muslims)! What kind of Shankar Acharya he is.”

I said: “you are unable to understand.” They (Muslims) worship God Almighty five times a day and you eat vegetable but even don’t worship once! Then no one is more impious than you.

See your own impiousness! To oppose someone’s holy legislation is your first sin.

What you eat! How you live! If you aren’t making me sad then none is better human than you in the world.

If we eat grass but make you sad then none is more impious than us in the world!

One thing I would like to declare which I have experienced. Something that I have seen amongst you, it is the love that I have received from you; people asked me why do you go to Muslims? You are a Shankar Acharya!

I said: “Ask the Muslims, why they love me so much, if they love me so much then I will go to them.”

Then they said: “Do we not love you?” then I answered: “I was born among you, but you do not love Muslims, so I also do not love you.”

Here in your presence, I want to tell you something that since a short period, some organizations in the name of Hinduism did something terrible to create divisions between Hindus and Muslims, because of that an ordinary Hindu has no chance to realize the truth of Islam and what is “Sanatan Dharm”(original Hindu religion). Sanatan Dharm is a true religion, perhaps, it will not be wrong if the Sanskrit word “Sanatan” is called as Islam in other language. Islam and Sanatan Dharm are same, because Gog Almighty is One and He is for all. This message was conveyed by all Hindu spiritual mentors. And the same message was also conveyed by the respected Muhammad (peace be upon him)) from God Almighty. Then why should we divide them? There is no difference between Islam and Sanatan Dharm(original Hindu religion). In fact Hinduism is not any religion in any way.

I tell you very clearly that if the Muslims of India slept the whole India will sleep and if you want India to be awake, you must awaken the Muslims of India. If India is awake the world will be awake. Also I know very well that the real Hindu who follow Sanatan Dharma sincerely want love for Muslims and not dispute. If a person is a true Hindu, he must follow Sanatan Dharma. But if there is a different interpretation of the original Sanatan Dharma then I tell you with full confidence that it is not a religion at all. The true Hindu Dharm is to believe in the Qur’an, the Vedas and Sanatan Dharma. Sanatan Dharm is a religion but some person defies it and establishes a new society and attributes it to God. Also I would like to explain for you that God is not like a human being to change his laws every day, to change the law every day is the nature of the human beings.

Regarding our respected Former Prime Minister, sometimes, I am saddened, but people should not think that I am an opponent of him; I am not an opponent of him, although he does not know the interpretation of Sanatan Dharma, though he travels to foreign countries and presents a wrong explanation of the Hindu religion. We feel deep grief; in which school did he got his studies! Without reading about a religion, one should not dare to talk on the religious matters, it is totally wrong. If a person talks on religion after he has full knowledge of it then the love prevails, security spreads and the light of humanitarian feelings widens to the four cardinal points.  In addition, I would like to say that if all Hindu spiritual leaders and mentors become agreed on the opinion that Sanatan Dharma is a religion that never opposes Islam and that Islam is a religion that never opposes Sanatan Dharma.  This act would be helpful for human being. The dispute always arises in politics and not in religion. The principle of Saam, Daam, Dand and Bhed are devised in politics only not in religion.  (Saam is the policy of getting work done through peaceful negotiation and Daam is the policy of getting work done through money or allurement and Dand is the policy of getting work done through punishment or fear and Bhed is the policy of getting work done through creating differences or the policy of divide and rule.)

Religion is based on “Ekam Brahm, dvitiya naste.” “There is only one God, not the second” Or “La ilaha illallah” (There is none worthy of worship except Parmatma Almighty (Allah).” This is the declaration of the religion and this is what the religion says. So we worship God and glorify Him. God is one; God does not change His laws from time to time. He does not change His laws whenever man changes on the earth. You should remember well that the Law of God since the beginning of the world and until it will continue was one and remained one and will remain one. If the followers create disunity then there is no blame on Him. The blame is on those people who create disunity in order to achieve distinction. We must also remember that religion always erase the controversy while politics always promote the conflict. The limits of politics are confined only to organize the affairs of the government but the religion includes the whole universe. Through the politics, governments are administered, but if you want to control the whole universe, then there is always a need to the religion.”

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