Salahuddin Patel: From Hinduism to a Preacher of Islam

The Hindu God Ganesh after immersion in water.

The Hindu God Ganesh after immersion in water.

Our brother Patel belongs to a Hindu family. His name is Salahuddin Patel. He followed his family tradition; going to Hindu temple, doing many types of celebrations; like Holi, Diwali, and other Hindu festivals and celebrations. He visited the temples that have massive idols, some of them have human bodies and animal heads, some of those idols are of Shiva, Krishna, Ram and Sita. He grew up as a Hindu and observed the Hindu rituals and ceremonies.

In this video, brother Salahuddin points out that Hinduism is not a single religion, rather, Hinduism is a collection of many religions and philosophies in India. According to brother Patel, Hinduism is based on the philosophy of pantheism that means their belief in the existence of God in everything, for example, they believe that god pervades even the pillar and the white board, God is in everything and God is everything. This is the core belief in Hinduism, however, Hinduism has many branches and sects but this belief is common amongst them all. In Hinduism, there are many gods and goddesses as well as idol worship is widespread in every part of India.

Brother Patel pointed out that Hindus believe in the philosophy of Avtar that literally means coming down as Hindus believe that god comes down in the form of human being. Hinduism has many core texts, including; Vedas in Sanskrit language, and there is what called Upanishads, and Mahabharata, Bhagavad Gita, these are the main core books of Hinduism, the oldest of Veda is the Rig-Veda. He also mentions the concept of incarnation in Hinduism. Furthermore, Hinduism includes the concept of Moksha or emancipation from life cycle and being one with God.

Brother Patel has mentioned that Hindus believe in many gods; rather, there are gods for different purposes; a god for wealth, a god for rain, a god for war; whenever you want some specific thing you will go to the particular idol to ask the wish.Qur'an

Brother Patel learned the meaning of Surat Al-Fatihah and Surat Al-Ikhlas and he was impressed by the faith of monotheism described in both chapters of the Qur’an in a concise and brief manner. God in Islam is one, eternal, who has neither parents nor children.

Brother Salahuddin acknowledges that the Hindu scriptures such as; Vedas, Upanishds and Bhagavad Geeta had not been preserved in their true and original form, however, the text of the Glorious was preserved in its original form in the written form and in the memorized form. As the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) used to ask the writers among his companions to write them just after the revelation and many of them have memorized the revelation to recite them in the prayer.  There are proofs that verify that the Glorious Qur’an is the true revelation from Allah the Almighty. As well as  the message of the Qur’an is clear; the faith in Only One God, to worship Him Alone, not to associate any partner with Him and to lead a righteous and pious life.

Brother Patel admits that he had everything he wanted; money, job and balance but he always felt that something was missing from his life but when he embraced Islam and became a Muslim he realized the truth and got his goal or missing part in his life.

Brother Patel is courageous enough to preach and convey the message of Islam to others, because there are millions of people like him who never heard about the true message of Islam. He emphasizes the importance of calling others to Islam, and when people will know the message they will accept its message wholeheartedly.


Source: DigitalMimbar Youtube Channel

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