A Hindu Sadhu in a Masjid

This video was taken in Gujrat, where two Hindu saints or Sadhus

A Sadhu in Hinduism is an ascetic or mystic who renounced the worldly desires and needs.

visited a Masjid (mosque) and performed prayer. The Sadhu wore a skull cap and a dress like Muslims while a group of Muslims followed him and surrounded him throughout the visit. In addition, the Sadhu met the Imam of the Masjid and was very happy; laughing and smiling.

Importance of Communal Harmony in India

Recently in India the communal harmony has been totally destroyed by the inflammatory speeches of some Hindu extremist and terrorist leaders who poison the minds of the Hindu youths and incite them to attack Muslims and other minorities mercilessly.

There are some latest videos of this kind that show the attacks by some ignorant Hindu youths. In fact, those brutal scenes sadden the heart of every fair mind human being.

How to Create a Peaceful Co-existence

India needs a true amendment in its education system in elementary, middle and high school levels making some fair and true lessons about Islam and Muslims compulsory on the students. A subject with true information on Muslim history in India must be prepared by fair historians away from hostility, enmity and injustice. Furthermore, education to high school grade must be made compulsory for every Indian.

In addition, the inflammatory speakers must be jailed immediately, rather, must be judged under terrorism crime.

The reality is that Muslims and other minorities are inseparable part of the Indian society.

The Hindu youths need speeches and education on tolerance not inciting speeches by ignorant speakers.

This video is a mirror of an exemplary national unity between Muslims and Hindus in India.

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One thought on “A Hindu Sadhu in a Masjid


Subject – Chaiwala’s scam of the Billenium


This is proof that Hindoosthan has to be partitioned.dindooohindoo

The Indian SC gives the Babri Masjid to the Hindoos

Archaeo-legal evidence

In matters of archaeo-legal evidence of history,the cumulative patterns of archaeological evidence over 1000s of years are to be used – on matters of theological coordinates.

For example,there is no Rama or Vishnu in the Rig Veda – which is a North Indian script (with anti-south indian slant – which makes the absence all the more stark)- and this disaster stretches right upto the opus and treasure troves of Ashoka.

Even assuming that Rama was a dark skinned limpet (as per the Ramayana) and a Dasyus – condemned into oblivion by the Rig veda – and Ashoka being of Saka
origin,put Rama into the prolapsed uterus dustbin – there has to be a trail of evidence pointing to the Rama birth place.

Nil ASI Pattern of evidence

There is no authenticated or carbon dated evidence on a papyrus,tablets,leaves,goat skin, cow skin, pottery,idol,wall carving,painting which even obliquely refers to any Rama birth site – except the gay love rantings of Tulsidas – which even Tulsidas admits, are not based on any revelations by Rama or Vishnu or Vrinda or Kaushalya

It is based on the beliefs and perceptions of Hindoos who are ignoramuses,imbeciles and heathens.

I challenge the ASI to show a Phallic worship object dated to the 5 century BC – as there is none.All the tales of Shiva are from Africa and West Asia –
wherein phallic symbols and kamasutra engravings are carbon dated to 2500 BC.

ASI Strategy and Hindoo seers

Then comes in the ASI – which does controlled excavations.If Rama was an icon even in North or Central India – I can bet that the ASI has not uncovered a
single Rama Temple dated to the 1st and 5th century AD.

Madhavcharya called Ade Shankara a son of a prostitute and a liar and cheat and a quasi Buddhist.There is not 1 line in the magnum opus of Ade Shankara or
Madhavacharya on any Rama birth place or a grandiose temple of learning at his birthplace.

The truth is that if ASI digs in December 2020,in Ayodhya, it will find several sites which will have the name of Rama on the walls and murals – but it purposely maintained the status quo – to bias the judiciary.

Even from the 5th to the 15 century, I can bet that that the ASI does not have a single site or artefact or cuneiform tablet or scripture or treatise –
which even remotely hints of a TEMPLE EVER AT A RAMA BIRTH SITE – forget the site of the birth of the impotent gay pansy Rama

Granth and Mahabharata

Even the Mahabaharata does not have 1 word on a grand TEMPLE ON THE SITE OF RAMA’S BIRTH PLACE – EVER.Not 1 word.

Sikhs believe that Nanak of the Bedi clan,was lineaged from Lav and Kush.There is not 1 line in the Granth on a grand temple on the site of Rama’s birth

It proves the following :

The Brahmin Formula

The Brahmins forged and burnt the Granth Sahib,forged the Bachetar Natak introduced porn in the Granth Sahib,introduced Kali and Durga worship in the
Sikh scriptures ,killed- beheaded and poisoned the so called Sikh Prophets and also placed idols of Krishna and others in the Golden Temple.


As an aside,why did the Hindoos not record in history the existence of a grand Temple for Rama,per se,let alone his birth place.

Simple !

Rama’s mother had sex with a Horse and also had sex with 11 Brahmins as her husband was an impotent pansy
Kaushalya is quoted in the Ramayana, as saying that her husband and Rama ONLY GAVE HER SORROW AND NO SATISFACTION AND RESPECT (no sexual satisfaction for Kaushalya after the advent of Kaikeyi – and this is also stated in the Ramayana)

The above explains why Brahmins LOVE Rama.These people inserted verses and forgeries in the Gita and Mahabharata and the Vedas.

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