A Hindu Policeman: Islam Is a Mercy for All

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(People on this earth have been divided into many tribes, lineages and different names.

The sons of Adam have split into many ethnic groups.

Since the conflict of religious leadership emerged, our prostrations have been divided into many features.

The masses have been labeled with straying from the right path while the leaders themselves have been divided into many groups.)

If the leaders became divided into sects and groups and could not understand the essence of the religion, how can we blame the great religion (Islam) that brought peace to this earth and spread it on the entire globe? This point must be understood properly.

Jihad and Mercy

Even I was unaware of many realities of Islam. I also did not realize many things about Islam. I also had a lot of misunderstanding in my mind. But when I studied Islam and discussed it with the scholars and knowledgeable personalities of Islam, the old and previous misunderstandings that were stick to my mind have gone forever.

There is a verse in the Glorious Qur’an that says there is no place on the earth where I did not send my messenger. One Lac and twenty four thousand Prophets were sent to this earth but only 25 of them were mentioned in the Glorious Qur’an by their names. There is no place on this globe where the prophets of Allah were not sent.

In addition, the entire universe was created by Allah the Almighty, therefore, we find a word used for Allah the Almighty that is “Rabbul-`Aalamin” (the Lord of the Worlds) and the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was described by Allah as “Rahmatul-lil-`Alameen” (A Mercy for the worlds). Allah is for all, not specific with anyone and the message of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is for all, not only for an individual or country; rather, it is for the entire humanity and whole world. He was appointed by Allah for the welfare of the whole mankind.

The Essence of Islamic Message

If we think about Islam, we realize that the essence of Islam or in Marathi Gabha, or in Hindi Sar is the wellbeing of human being. The message of Islam tells how a person can lead a sound and good life and how can he achieve nearness to Allah the Almighty. This is what Islam has explained.

Through such gatherings, the message of Islam will reach the people and a person can become a good individual in the society and every person will arouse the emotion of love and respect in his heart and mind.

The word Jihad was mentioned in the Glorious Qur’an 41 times but the Rahmah (compassion) was mentioned 325 times. In addition, the Qur’an begins with Rahman (The Most Gracious) and Rahim (the Most Merciful). I repeat, the word Jihad was mentioned in the Qur’an only 41 times, while the word of Rahmah (mercy) was mentioned 325 times. Additionally, the word jihad in Qur’an comes in the meaning of making efforts and not in the meaning of fighting or war.

Jihad Akbar and Jihad Asghar

Furthermore, in Islam, there is Jihad Akbar (major war) and Jihad Asghar (minor war). It is noteworthy that the war through sword is just minor war (Jihad Asghar) while the war with yourself or fighting your ego is Jihad Akbar (the major war). The major jihad is to fight yourself and fight the defects and mistakes in our personality is the major fight, however, war with sword is a minor war (jihad Asghar) also war is not desirable in Islam.

There are many features that show clearly what Islam has given the world. However, many people or preachers understood it and then spread its message amongst the people and sometimes some people did not understand it properly and tried to spread it in a distorted way. I have a big hope from the Islamic Center that tried to publish books on Islam in a scientific manner that gives people a true picture of Islam away from any sort of hatred or enmity. I pray Allah the Almighty to make its effort successful in spreading the peace in our India and the entire world in order to create an atmosphere of national harmony and mutual love. I am concluding my speech with these words.


If you begin with love, the foreign will come together and will be attracted. In fact, love is a spiritual position where even angels put their head in respect.


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