A Hindu Political Leader at the Doorstep of Islam

By Editorial Staff
A Hindu Political Leader at the Doorstep of Islam

Religious and cultural varieties and diversities are among the important features of India.

His name is Pawan Agarwal and he is an active member of an Indian

political party. In this video, he expressed his strong intention to convert to Islam because of the tyranny and cruelty exercised by some Hindus against people of some lower castes in India.

Pawan Agrwal with a Muslim Skullcap

Pawan Agarwal expresses his strong will to accept Islam within one month, or during the month of Ramadan; the month of fasting for Muslims all over the world.

Moreover, he takes out from his pocket a skullcap of Muslims and wears it in front of the camera to show his seriousness to convert to Islam.

In addition, he says that he will be a faithful and staunch Muslim, committed to all religious duties and rituals and will perform all Islamic religious rites and practices from his deep heart.

Upper Caste and Lower Caste in India

Brother Agarwal mentions in this video that some upper caste Hindus told him that he is a Hindu from lower caste and lower caste does not have any right of life.

It is worth mentioning that there are horrible violence and injustice on the lower castes of Indian people or minorities from the upper castes. There are videos on social media showing the images of beatings, kicking and punching women and men by a group of thugs who were filled with hatred and enmity.

Islam is an Umbrella for those who do not have a Shadow

This video has been released recently and it provides clear evidence that Islam is like a wide-shadow tree under which all those who are burned and scorched by the sun of injustice and tyranny around the world under the title of religion or faith take refuge.

In fact, Islam is an umbrella for those who do not have a shadow in a burning sunny day.

This reminds us of the spread of Islam in ancient times among the peoples of the world when people welcomed Islam in their countries to save them from the clutches and jaws of oppression and injustice.

The question is: Who told this Hindu activist to accept Islam? No one, he is quite sure of the message of Islam that erases all types of class, ethnic, and religious differences making them equal in the society and in the sight of Allah the Almighty. This is the real motive for this brother to accept Islam.

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