A Hindu Girl Explains Islamic Teachings

Originally posted 2019-06-11 11:44:08.

A Hindu Girl Explains Islamic Teachings

By एकता जोशी (Aikta Joshi)

The teachings of Islam are so lofty that some Hindus haven influenced greatly.

The Religion Islam
* Islam teaches that we have to worship only One God who is everyone’s Creator and who has neither color nor shape. No one created Him but everything was created by Him.
* – Islam teaches that you have to give 2.5% to the poor from your earning by your hard work.
* – Islam teaches that if you help people, God will help you. And whatever you want for yourself you should like the same for others. Only by this, you can become a true Muslim.
* – Islam teaches that you should go hungry and thirsty from morning till the evening for one month so that you can realize what is hunger and thirst.
* – Islam teaches that if a daughter is born in your home, then do not be sad, because daughters represent a mercy from God. The father who raises the daughters and spends from his earning on them and he gets them married to a good family, deserves paradise.
* – Islam teaches that a best man is the one who deals with women with fair and good dealing.
* – Islam teaches that widows are not ill-fated and they should not be humiliated, instead, they have right to live a better life. So care for the widows and their children.
* – Islam teaches that when Muslims perform prayers, they should stand together, shoulder to shoulder, because humans are equal to each other. There is no concept of higher and lower.
* – Islam teaches that Muslims should behave well their neighbors, regardless, you know them or not. And feed your neighbors before you eat.
* – Islam teaches that alcohol and gambling are the roots of all evils. So, keep yourself away from them.
* – Islam teaches that a laborer must be paid his wages instantly before his sweat dries. It is too bad take curses from a poor or orphan, as it ruins the person.
* – Islam teaches that a person must free from jealousy (envy) because, this spiritual disease spoils the good deeds (virtues) as the termite spoils the wood.
* – Islam teaches that the greatest jihad is to kill the self desires and to fight the ego.
* – Islam teaches that if you want to be happy, do not look at rich but look at the poor, and you will be happy. In addition, treating people well is the highest virtue in Islam.
* – Islam teaches to follow always the path of ethics and truth. A Muslim has to speak the truth; to keep the promises, and not to hurt anyone’s heart.
* – Islam teaches that the worst feast is the one in which the rich are invited, but the poor are avoided.
* –Islam teaches that water must be used only as needed as wasting water without any reason is a sin.
* – Islam teaches that throwing away any harmful thing from the way a great good deed.
* – Islam teaches that if your eyes fell at any strange woman, lower your eyes, because it is a sin to see foreign woman with a bad eye.

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