Verdict On Babri Masjid: What to Do?

Originally posted 2020-07-09 19:23:01.

Verdict On Babri Masjid: What to Do?

Babri Masjid was built during 1528–29 (935 A.H.) on the orders of the Mughal emperor Babur. In 1949 idols of Rama were placed inside the Masjid for the first time and the Masjid was locked.

On 6 December 1992, the Masjid was demolished by Hindu extremists. And now the right and ownership has been given to Hindus by the court. What Muslims should do in current situation?


Muslims should fight for their rights by all peaceful means in the framework of law and order.


Leave aside your sectarian belongings and be one under the divine name of Islam, even the lions are afraid of buffaloes when they are together and even the lions are weak when they are scattered and divided.


Try to revive the Islamic faith in your family, kids, relatives, family, then in the society with the help of latest technology, like internet and social media. Try to listen to the informative Bayans and speeches on Youtube.


Try to build Masjids in the hearts and minds of new generation; do not leave them ignorant, uninformed or illiterate, prey to the atheism or apostasy.


Seize the opportunities of education in your community, the real poor and weak is the uneducated in any society.


The Islamic organizations and unions are requested to pay more attention to Muslim families and educating their kids than to win more converts from Hindus, because the first option is easier and more fruitful than converting others. Muslims all over the world are not less in numbers but they are weak in their awareness and education. The problem is in quality not in quantity so we should solve the first problem and try to improve the quality of Muslims.


Try to help each other with financial, religious, spiritual support like, the Ansar and Muhajirin.


Never argue with your Muslim brother on the issues disputed among the Muslim scholars. A lot of strength and ink already have been spent on them. Is it logical to argue on celebration of Milad Shareef while millions of your Muslim brothers and sisters do not know even the six articles of faith, and five pillars of Islam. Be wise and do not be like the monkey that harmed his owner’s nose when threw a stone on him to run away a fly on the nose.


with the help of Allah the Almighty Babri Masjid would restored any many grand mosques would be built by your educated and enlightened new generation. But if the Muslim Ummah was left unattended then wait for the worst.


The entire world has seen that Babri Masjid has been demolished and Ram-Mandir is planned to be constructed on its site. Many strong and grand dynasties have been gone forever, that no one imagined at their glorious time to happen. Remember the Mughal grandeur and British rule in India. Where are they now?   Hindu extremists are in the intoxication of power but very soon they will become a gone history even Hindus are not as strong as the Mughal and British rulers.


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