How Indian Poet, Tulsidas, Views Mukti (Salvation)?

By Editorial Staff

Shri Tulsidas (1532–1623 A.D.) the bhakti poet of Goswami in Ramcharitmanas says that no one will get Mukti or the salvation until he will believe in the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as his guide, leader and role model.

In this regard, the speaker recites some Hindi quotes from Ramcharitmanas and explains them in Urdu. The poem clarifies that no one on this globe will attain salvation unless he accepts the Glorious Qur’an as true and a revealed and divine scripture that came from heaven.

Ramcharitmanas and the Qur’an

The Hindi poem also mentions the book of Allah the Almighty stating clearly that whoever wants security and peace or Mukti, he has to believe in the divine book brought by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) from Allah the Almighty. No one will arrive to a safe and secure coast until he believes in the way of life, message and ethics of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Narashansa or Muhammad

In addition, the speaker has referred to the prayers and supplications of the Hindu brothers that are chanted:
O Muhammad! O Narashansa! We are waiting for your advent, please; appear soon in this world, our life cannot be righteous without your help, as we are drowning in the mud of our sins.

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