How to Eradicate Terrorism

By Mahesh BhattHow to Eradicate Terrorism

I would like to say only one thing that is written in your conclusion. Only if the Muslims of India become true Muslim, the destiny of this country will totally change.

O my brothers! Please, awaken some of the severity in your heart. I have realized after whatever study about Islam and Muslims I did that a scared and fearful person cannot be a Muslim. If there is fear, there is no Islam. If there is Islam, there is no fear. If there is light, there is no darkness. If there is darkness, there is no light.

How to Help an Oppressor

One of the Hadiths dictated by our brother Mahmood Madani that is in my computer goes like: Unsur akhaka zhaliman aw mazhluman (Help your brother; in both cases; if he is an oppressor or if he is an oppressed.).

The religion whose Hadith instructs to help an oppressed and even an oppressor; stop the oppressor from oppressing the people, ask the oppressor: Why are oppressing? What is wrong with you? The Hadith called the oppressor “brother” (in order to soften his heart). If such great religion does not have tolerance then who has the tolerance?

A Society Free from the Curse of Terrorism

The community that cannot give justice cannot be free from the terrorism. If you want to be free from terrorism, you have to give justice, but if you turn your police stations into jails of torture, where innocents are brought and beaten, tortured and humiliated then terrorism will increase.

We have only one thing to do, we have to be brave. We have to follow the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). What is the toughest battle? Yes, the toughest battle is to show a tyrant ruler his original face. Tell an unjust king; how ugly he is? Ask him; why are you committing the injustice and partiality? Why have you brought me to the justice?

Practicing Islam is now Harder than a Blaze on Your Palm

The clash will not end by such conferences. The battle is very long. The age has come, about which the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) has prophesized saying: “There will come upon the people a time when holding onto the religion will be like holding onto hot coal.”

Let become a Muslim only the one who has the strength, and let him live with dignity. Do not cry (for help) in front of anyone, do not lick the feet of any person, because, you are connected to that (divine) power, to that High Power.

India is the Country of All

This country is yours; this land has been protected with the blood of your forefathers. Whoever tries to humiliate you, tell him: get out from here. This is your country. This country belongs to you and me. And we only will care for it. Islamophobia does not suit India. India is a country where I feel more secure with our bearded brothers than anywhere else. I never become scared of them; whenever I am with a Muslim brother I feel that he will surely protect me. Let us swear together that we will stimulate the same emotion in the hearts of the Muslims of India. Islam is your right and Islam is our right. If there is fear, there is no Islam, and if there is Islam, there is no fear. Khuda Hafiz, (May Allah protect.)

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