A Hindu Felt Tranquility in Prayer

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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barkatuh

The Hindu brother who embraced Islam after he felt peace in the prayer

The Hindu brother embraced Islam after he felt peace in prayer.

“I was born in a Hindu family.

When I was 7, my mother used to take me to the Hindu temples in India for idol worship. I asked my relatives why all these decorations for the idols.

They told me that these are gods. I asked them: what is the meaning of God? They told me: God is the Creator of all.

Then I asked them if God created everything, why do you worship the creation instead of the Creator?.”

These are the words of the Hindu brother who accepted Islam and hated idol-worship.

 Who has created the world?

The question is: If the moon, the sun, water and human, etc. were created by God, then why we need to worship these idols which were made by human hands? From that day he started thinking in order to prove if God created everything in this world and beyond then God cannot be an idol and he became sure that God is beyond these manmade and worldly things and he hated worshipping idols.

 The Hindu brother was expelled from the family house

“My mother ordered immediately to leave the home and to go away from them when I was 13 or if I wanted to stay with them in the family house, then I have to forget the name Islam forever and must follow Hinduism.

I said I cannot give up the Islamic way of life and left the home after I got my bachelor’s degree.

Since my childhood I used to hear a loud sound from a mosque. When I was studying in my college, I came to know that the sound was from the mosque of Muslims that is called Adhan call for daily five prayers.”

One day when I was with my Muslim friend and I heard the same sound I told him it is the call for your worship so go and worship your idols. He explained for me and told that Muslims do not worship idols, they worship only One God.

I was eager to discover more about the Islamic faith and reality of worship so I sat with my Muslim friend and started arguing with him about worship.

 An argument on the devotion and God

Muslim friend: Do you believe in idols?

The Hindu convert: No, I don’t believe in idols.

The Hindu convert: What is god in your faith?

Muslim friend: According to Islam, God is not like idols as you people worship and he guided him to Islam.

 Conversion to Islam

The brother accepted Islam in the month of fasting; Ramadan, 2014.

When he took his Shahadah, he was in an amazing feeling he never had before.

According to him, when he performed wudhu’ for the first time he felt as he was really purified of his sins and he felt that there was some light coming on him to protect him. When he took his Shahadah, he heard the same Adhan again and realized immediately that it is a call to the worship of Allah the Almighty.

And he felt that he was more secure, fortified and protected than before by the grace of Allah the Almighty.


This is his spiritual journey to Islam in brief.

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