A Hindu Boy Performs Muslim Prayer

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Facing the direction of Kaabah in Makkah is obligatory for a Muslim during the prayer.

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Sidhartha, a Hindu boy, is now 14 and he is blind since his birth. He performs the Muslim Prayer (Namaz) since his early childhood and performs all actions of prayer like an observant Muslim who reads daily prayer regularly though he cannot see at all.

From Siddhartha to Danish

People are calling him Danish instead of Siddhartha due to his prayer. Whenever he hears the Adhan; the call for prayer in the mosque, he makes wudu’ (ablution) and washes his, face, both hands, and wipes the head with his wet hands and stands for the prayer.

His father’s name is Virendra Sharma, and his mother is Nidhi Shrma. According to them, Danish was determined to observe the fasting of Ramadan but his mother did not allow him to fast because Siddhartha was too young to fast the whole day; from dawn to sunset.

The child began performing prayer when he was only four years old. It was said that once he was brought to a Gurudwara, the temple of Sikhs, and there was a Masjid beside the temple and Danish heard the voice of Adhan for the first time in his life and since then he began doing the actions of prayer.


This video was produced by Punjab Kesari TV.

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