Why Is Divorce Allowed in Islam?

In this video, a Muslim speaker mentions that he once was asked by a Hindu woman about theWhy Is Divorce Allowed in Islam? permissibility of divorce in the Islamic Shari`ah and what is the logic or philosophy behind its permissibility.

The Hindu woman first praised Islam acknowledging that Islam has a lot of good qualities but why divorce is allowed in Islam? Isn’t it a sort of injustice to the woman? The speaker answered that divorce is a very good thing; it is a blessing and mercy for an agonized woman.

When is Divorce a Good Thing for a Married Woman?

In this regard, the speaker referred to a report of Crime Investigation Department of India 1977 that ten thousand married women were burned with kerosene.

In fact, Islam represents a solution for these heinous crimes, especially, when the marital life becomes hard and separation becomes the only solution and exit from the family frequent quarrel.

In those situations, Islam tells not to burn the innocent and helpless trapped married women rather; make them free from the hell of such unsuccessful marriages by divorce.

Suppose, if there are disagreements between husband and wife or if disputes and arguments became an inseparable part of the daily life and the marital life turned into a hell then Islam suggests not living in an agony and separate between them peacefully with the divorce. If there is no divorce, eventually, the helpless married woman would be burned.

Divorce is Like a Knife

Imagine how useful the divorce is as a solution! Instead of killing a woman mercilessly, a husband can free her to live her own life or select another suitable husband for her. A knife has been made to cut an apple or slice the onion but if you cut with it the throats of the people then who is wrong; the knife or the user?

Divorce is a good option and valuable cure if it is used in its proper place and due need but if it is used in a bad way then it is the user’s fault not the divorce.

Maya Becomes Iram

In addition, the speaker has mentioned that the Hindu woman who asked the question of divorce, declared her conversion to Islam when she was satisfied with the answer. Her previous name was Ms. Maya but after her conversion she was named Iram.

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