A Muslim Loves Gita and Quran

Originally posted 2019-11-22 08:59:18.

English Translation by Editorial Staff

In this video, a Muslim speaker talks on the similarity between Gita and Quran in a gathering organized by a Hindu Guru in India.

I brought the guest religious leaders to Varanasi and there was an ancient Hindu temple. When we were there I saw some Ashloks of Gita engraved on the walls of the temple until that time I had not studied Gita. When I read the first Ashloks on the wall, I became extremely surprised and immediately I translated those them into Persian and I presented them to the visiting noted religious leaders and asked them to tell what those passages were?

Then, they told; these are the translation of so and so verses of the Glorious Qur’an. I told them these are not the translation of the verses of Qur’an; in fact, they are the translation of some Ashloks of Gita.

Similarly, I read six or seven Ashloks and translated them into Persian and showed them to the visiting Muslim scholars, they also, became astonished: Where is Qur’an and where is Gita? Qur’an was revealed in Arabia and Gita was written down here in India! This incident awakened an interest in my mind and since then I began studying Hindu religion. Thus, my hatred for Hinduism changed into a love to Hinduism.

Today, whatever religious knowledge were shared by Guru ji here, though, the religious information always is taught with harsh method and not in a laughing and joking style, however, it is the greatness of Guru ji that he teaches and explains complicated and deep philosophical issues in a funny way. That is why; I also, became one of his pupils.
Qur’an is the most sacred scripture to us, and the Qur’an itself, it has been defined who is a true Muslim? The short verse of the Qur’an says: “Then will We treat the Muslims like the criminals?” (Surah Al-Qalam68:35)

This is the summary of Islam. Listen and understand. The Qur’an; the highest authority amongst us is saying that clearly. Our scripture is announcing that who is a criminal cannot be a Muslim and who is a Muslim cannot be a criminal. Who receives bribery, Qur’an says that he cannot be a Muslim. Who bothers anyone cannot be a Muslim. Who seizes unlawfully the property of anyone, cannot be a Muslim. Furthermore, who killed an innocent; who killed an innocent; who killed an innocent; whether, the murdered is a Hindu, Christian, Buddhist or follower of any religion, only if the person is innocent, and if a Muslim murders him, he cannot be a Muslim. This is the ruling of Qur’an regarding this.

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