A Hindu Writes the Life of the Prophet Muhammad

Originally posted 2019-07-03 14:12:13.

English Translation by Editorial Staff

The Green Tomb in Al Madinah in Saudi Arabia where the Prophet Muhammad was buried.

It (Islam) is for the entire world and for the whole humanity. If you will study the life of the honored Prophet, you will find that his instructions are useful and necessary for the Russians and Indians on the same extent as for the Arabs.
The interviewer: Rajiv ji! The terrorism is attributed to Islam. What will say about the Qur’an and the life of the Prophet?
The author: I will say only one thing about it. Read any verse of the Glorious Qur’an or open and read any chapter of it, you will never find it to support the terrorism in any of them at all. Before reading the Qur’an, you should study the life of the Prophet who received the Qur’an. Try to read it, you will find that he always talked about the humanity. A person who is courageous enough to forgive even his enemies how would you expect from him to support terrorism?
The interviewer: Rajiv ji! How much time did you spend to write the whole life of the Prophet in Marwari?
The author: The writing of the book took one year, but the preparation for this book took at least 10 years. It took 10 years, because, for writing a little we need to study a lot. If you write something you have to write with full responsibility, and we have to make sure that there is no mistake. Therefore, I studied 10 years, and I read the writings of the authors from around the world on the topic. After I studied them, I tried to explain according to my own point of view. So, the preparation for this book took 10 years and writing took one year.
The interviewer: What has inspired you to write on this topic?
The author: the inspiration came from many things; but I will say that the life of the Prophet itself was the most important inspiration for this writing. His life was a basic source of inspiration for me.
The interviewer: the terrorist attack that took place in Bangladesh, the terrorists asked the victims to recite the Qur’an before their attack?
The author: I will say only one thing about the attacks in Bangladesh, they were not Jihadist (holy warriors), rather, they are Fasadist (destroyers).
The interviewer: did the Qur’an or the Prophet ever ordered for that?
The author: No, never, as I have mentioned before, that the Glorious Qur’an has mentioned clearly that who killed a single innocent human being, then he is as he has killed the entire humanity. I would like to add here another point; when the terrorists, took people hostages, and asked them to recite the verses of Qur’an, and if they will recite, they would be made free. While if you open the Qur’an and you read it you will never find anywhere to assert; “only who will read Qur’an will deserve life.” You never find such commands in the Qur’an anywhere at all. It is good to recite Qur’an and it is also good to implement its teachings on the life. It is also recommended to memorize the Qur’an, but is it true that if you will not read the Qur’an you would be beheaded. It is the act of devil.
The interviewer: Rajiv ji! Lot of congratulations to you from me on your writing on the life of the Prophet in Marwari!

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