A Hindu Against Brahmans

By Editorial Staff

Does Durga Give Money?

Suppose, if we hide in the bushes 25 fake rabbits made of clay painted like real rabbits and send out a dog to catch the rabbits made of clay. Do you think the dog will catch the fake rabbits or will a cat catch them?

No, they will never go to them to catch. A dog does not catch fake rabbits and a cat does not catch rabbits of clay.

We are human beings, however, we make out of clay Durga, Hanuman, Shiv, Shankar, Ganesh, Parvati and paint them with colors, and make them wear different types of dresses, Sari, blouse, Langota (underwear), and raise our hands towards them crying, praying, asking and chanting: O Hanuman ji! O Durga ji, please, help. Do you think if Hanuman ji and Durga ji have balances in the bank so they can give 10 or 20 thousand rupees? Or does Durga of clay has some lands and will give or register some land in Patna?

That means we are humans, however, we are less in identifying the real and fake than the cats and dogs.

Hindu Caste System and Social Discrimination 

Friends! You know very well that we cannot realize the true reality in our world. We realize that a land having ups and downs cannot produce good crop, and a road with ups and downs cannot lead to the proposed destination, similarly, a society that has discrimination, untouchability, lower and higher caste based on color and race cannot produce a sound and balanced country.

The Curse and Prayer of Brahmans

The biggest weapon in the hand of Brahmanism is cursing the people and causing bad luck to the opponents. If they are asked: Why did this happen? The only answer is: so and so Rishi or Holy man has cursed. Or whenever they are asked: why did this happen? The answer is: so and so Rishi or Holy man has prayed for.  Baba Sahib Ambedkar said truly: “A nation which does not know its ancestor’s history, cannot build its future.”

In fact, Marx has told: “Revolutions are the engine of the history.” Who knows the past of India, realize well that there were three diseases, and we have to understand that the medicine is invented after the disease existed. India has three social diseases, and the three persons tried to diagnose the treatments for those diseases, Jyotiba Phule, Swaminathan and Baba Ambedker and Jagdev Prashad, and in Germany, England, France, Russia and China there were only two diseases; Capitalism and Communism but India had the disease of caste system as well, and both Baba Sahib Ambedker and Jagdev Prashad worked to eliminate those diseases.

Deceits of the Brahmans

I ask if a land having ups and downs cannot produce a good crop, similarly, it cannot realize the history. In 712 A.D. an Arab Muslim fighter invaded India. The Brahmans always make the people believe that you can escape the harm of a sword or (Tirshul) of Shiv, and the shield of Vishnu, the attack of Indra, and the punishment of a judge but you cannot save yourself from the curse of a Brahman or Pundit ji. Even if you ascend to the moon, you will burn like a wood if you were cursed by a Brahman.

The Foreign Attacks on India

Please, study the history. In 712 A.D., one of the Muslim invaders Muhammad ibn Qasim with 6000 fighters attacked the king of Sindh Raja Dahir, who was defeated badly with his 60000 (sixty thousand) fighters.

In 1026 A.D. Mahmud Ghaznavi attacked with 30000 fighters who came through Panjab and Rajsthan and camped in Gujarat, and destroyed the well-known temple of Brahmans Somnath, 300000 (three Lakh) Chatri fighters were defeated severely.

We read in the history that the idols of gold and silver and the idols of Durga, Hanuman, Shiv Shankar, Ganesh, Parvati were pulled out and were carried by Ghazni to Afghanistan on eighty donkeys and elephants.

Again, in 1193 A.D., the army of Ghouri with 12000 fighters attacked India and the 80000 (eighty thousand) fighters of Prithviraj Chauhan were defeated badly.  Then they demolished all Hindu temples and took off the idols and brought them to their country. After that the first war of Panipat in 1526 A.D. Babar with his 12000 fighters fought Rana Sanga and his 60000 fighters who were defeated badly.

Where are those who say that you can escape the sword (Tirshul) of Shiv, and the shield of Vishnu, the attack of Indra, and the punishment of the judge but you cannot save yourself from the curse of a Brahmin or Pundit ji?

The question is: why were you defeated in 712 and why were you defeated in 1026 and again why were you defeated in 1193 and why were you defeated in 1526?

The entire country became slave, and gods and goddesses were snatched and took off, daughters and women were raped and murdered and people were chopped and slaughtered like carrots and radishes. Why did not you curse the oppressors? Why did you not curse Ghazni, Ghori, and the English so that they would have been burned like the dry wood? For whom are your curses?

Who Caused Hindus to eat Cow-Dung?

The Brahmans always tricked the people and advised them to eat the dung and drink the cow urine; however, they eat the curd and drink the water. Where are the curses? Suppose, if the electric wire here has current in it and a person touches it will it strike now or will it strike after six months? When in the temple of Somnath, Ghazni took off the idols of gold and silver and the lifeless idols could not harm him at all, then what can Hanuman of four inches do to me?

The Rat and the Snake

The original inhabitants of this country have only one solution, the example of the snake and rat is true here. As the snake occupies the hole or house of the rat and eats the rat and its young. The same thing happened with the original inhabitants of this country, as the Brahmans came from outside and expelled the native residents of the country and ate them and still they are eating them and occupied their land until 90% of the owners of the country became their slave. We have to think and we have to realize, we have to know. All people of the world have realized the deceits of the Brahmans. However the original inhabitants or 90%of the country could not understand the deceptions of the Brahmans.

Brahmans are more dangerous than Atomic Bombs

When atom bomb was thrown on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the prime minister of Britain at that time, commented saying: we thought that America is smart but it is not, if it wanted to destroy a country why did it throw an atomic bomb if it had to destroy a country it was enough to house only four Brahmans from India and they were sufficient to destroy the entire country more effectively than the atomic bombings. Only four Brahmans can destroy a country, but, imagine, if a country has Brahmans in every home, front and behind, everywhere is full of Brahmans what will be the fate of the country. Even the Brahmans are invited in every marriage party to solemnize it. How can the backwardness be eliminated?

In 1919 A.D. the British government banned the Brahmans to become  judges because they do not have the nature of equality in their instinct. The deceits of the Brahmans are known for all even the English people have realized that, but the native inhabitants of this country did not realize it.

The 90% or 80% of the native people try to please 10% foreign Brahmans. Bharat Mata or mother India as is chanted by Lalu Prshad, and Nitish Kumar, if Bharat is Mata for their people then every country should be mother for their people. Additionally, if you say Bharat Mata then where is the father, is there any father hidden?

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