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Angels in Hinduism

Do Hindus believe in angels? What is the reality of Deva and Devta? Click here to know more about an ...Read More »

Rituals and Worship in Hinduism

Hindus are allowed to worship anything, including sexual organs. It is common among them to name the ...

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The Glorious Qur’an: The Word of Allah

What is the Quran? What is it about? What is so special about it? How was it revealed? ...

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What is Devadasi in Hinduism?

The concepts of Indian people towards women, their purity, and impurity, the status of Hindu widows, ...

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Blessings of Islam on Hindus (1/2)

Islam triggered a real revolution against injustice and corruption in all areas of human life; belie ...

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Bharat Mata: A Country or a Devi?

Bharat Mata Ki Jai is one of the religious slogans of Hindus so it is against the logic and wisdom t ...

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Cow Urine: A Medicine or a Religious Symbol?

Hinduism has some sorts of worship similar to the worships in Islam, however, in Hinduism those wors ...

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An Ex-Hindu Leads about 108,000 Non-Muslims to Islam

This vivid example makes very easy to understand the matchless success of Islamic Da`wah throughout ...

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