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Angels in Hinduism

Do Hindus believe in angels? What is the reality of Deva and Devta? Click here to know more about an ...Read More »

What Is Hajj?

During Hajj, the pilgrims relive the life of Prophet Ibrahim and his son Prophet Ismail (peace be up ...

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Preservation of the Glorious Qur’an

Throughout the centuries, the method of preservation has been twofold: memorization and writing. A r ...

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What is Devadasi in Hinduism?

The concepts of Indian people towards women, their purity, and impurity, the status of Hindu widows, ...

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A Hindu Scholar Admires the Philosophy of Economy in Islam

The teachings of the Prophet Muhammad are not for any specific country, nor for any particular relig ...

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Is Animal Sacrifice Permissible in Hinduism?

Hindu society is characterized by many contradictions in its beliefs, philosophy and customs; some c ...

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Do Muslims Worship the Ka`bah?

The worship in Islam is not directed to Ka`bah itself; rather it is directed to the Lord of Ka`abh, ...

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A Hindu Inspector Praises Islam

The first human-being; his holiness; Adam (peace be upon him) landed on the earth of India first and ...

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